Troilus and Cressida

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"Patroclus likewise provides some of the comic relief, but Peter Danelski gives him a nicely subtle yearning for the sort of honorable conflict that is definitely lacking, as well as a genuine devotion to his lover Achilles."

-Jennifer Kramer,

"The level of acting in this extreme version is quite striking; the actors seem to be having the time of their lives without fracturing the ideas."

-George Hatza, Reading Eagle

"Achilles's intimacy with Patroclus, for example...feels very modern...Where a director might try to solve the lovers' unsatisfying ending and even choose sides, PSF's actors wisely present their characters as complex men and women navigating an impossible situation." 

-Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review


Love's Labour's Lost

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"His rendition of "My Way" (yes, that "My Way") with his ward, Moth (a fearless Peter Danelski), on ukulele, is one of the show's many delights."

-Paul Willistein, Bethlehem Press

The Cripple of Inishmaan

Curio Theatre Company

"Peter Danelski is riveting, tackling the characters physical deformities with nuanced detail...never devolves into caricature. He beautifully balances the funny and the sad."

-Ellen Wilson Dilks, Delco Culture Vultures

"Among wonderful choices is to have Peter Danelski’s beautifully played Billy Claven show the piercing intelligence and cautious sensitivity that prove his physical handicaps do not affect his mentality...Danelski never wavers in showing Billy’s braininess and resolve."
-Neal Zoren, Nealspaper

"Peter Danelski tackles the challenging role with ease and finds an incredible balance of nuance, charm, and sadness. His physical work is inspiring to watch as he moves his twisted limbs about the stage. On top of this, Danelski finds a truthful somberness that seduced me into devastation and glee."
-Tory Mittelman, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"This is a story about bright, lonely Crippled Billy Claven (Peter Danelski, who does such a wonderfully convincing job that I was surprised he could straighten up for the final bow)."
-Kathryn Osenlund, Phindie


Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"Eric Hissom, Brad DePlanche, and Peter Danelski likewise dive into their roles as the three fisherman with particular relish, mixing philosophical rumination with burp jokes and folksy accents worthy of their own reality TV show."
-Jennifer Kramer,

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"The lead actors are supported by a terrific ensemble; among the standouts are...Peter Danelski and Scott Greer as the gentlemen’s quick-witted servants Speed and Launce."
- Debra Miller, Phindie


"Peter Danelski and Scott Greer are hilarious as the comic servants Speed and Launce."

-Kathy Lauer-Williams, The Morning Call