If we could, in one way or another, collect all the good that is, after all, in each one of us sinful human creatures, I believe that on it could be built a world that would be surely far kinder than the present one
— Karel Čapek

Adam The Creator

By Karel & Josef Čapek

Adapted by Pete Danelski & Megan Diehl

Adam, out of frustration with the state of humanity, negates all of existence in an effort to end rampant tyranny, violence, and prejudice. Left alone in the universe, he is then charged with its re-creation. Adam ventures to make a new, better world, all the while grappling with the inherent struggles of creation, as he tries to implement his ideals in reality. Throughout his attempts to create the ideal man, woman, companion and a perfect society, Adam glimpses the inherent value of life and the beauty of humanity. This "translaptation" from the Čapek brothers' original 1929 play, newly instilled with the spirit of ensemble-based storytelling, comes with a unique sense of humor and an optimistic look at the potential for good in all humans.