is a theatre-maker, director and writer originally from Philly, currently based in D.C.

focuses on classics, new work and adaptation. Pete’s work explores our relationship to the theatre event. He does this through space and audience relationship. Pete wants to disrupt how we (artists) think about/engage/break rules as well as our own ways of collaborating. His work opens up relevant dialogues between different times, areas and cultures.

makes theatre that is funky-weird-exciting-funny-personal-welcoming-appropriately discomforting.

believes in making space for community/other-ness/exploration. His work unpacks answers in favor of questions.

is an alumnus of DeSales university, where he studied acting, directing and philosophy. He holds his Masters of Philosophy of Theatre and Performance from Trinity College Dublin.

is a 2019 Drama League Artist-in-Residence, a member of Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and a member of SDCF’s 2019-2020 Observership Class.